Session #5: Flirtation – Galerie Paris-Beijing

Session 5 Cecile Chaput.jpg
Cecile Chaput

Session 5 Saadane Afif
Saadane Afif

Session 5 Jerome Allavena.jpg
Jerome Allavena

Session 5 Steve Bishop.jpg
Steve Bishop

Session 5 Franck Eon.jpg
Franck Eon

Session 5 Gabriel Leger
Gabriel Leger

Session 5 Maude Maris
Maude Maris

Session 5 Sarah Meyohas.png
Sarah Meyohas

Session 5 Wang Haiyang.jpg
Wang Haiyang

Note – these are works by artists in the exhibition – I don’t know what works are actually in the show.

Session #5: Flirtation – Galerie Paris-Beijing, Paris

29 June – 12 July 2017


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